Branding My MainWP Dashboard

MainWP v4 introduces a brand new user experience. The interface they’ve built for managing your network of sites gets two thumbs up from me. Even so, having been inspired by a recent post in the FB group for MainWP users, I figured I’d like to get a bit more control over how my dashboard is … Read more

How to Set Your WordPress Recovery Mode Email

Anyone who oversees a network of WordPress sites will want to take special note of the PHP Error Protection introduced in WordPress 5.2. This administrator-focused update will let you safely fix or manage fatal errors without requiring developer time. It features better handling of the so-called “white screen of death,” and a way to enter … Read more

My MainWP Code Snippet Library

There are oftentimes bits of information I’d like to know about the sites in my MainWP network. MainWP Code Snippets gives me quick access to view or update this info.

Do You Know About WordPress 5.0?

WordPress 5.0, which is set to land in websites across the web on November 27, will be the most significant update to the open-source software project in many years. Some laud this step forward, some criticize it, and some cautiously wait.

Do You WP? the Plugin.Pub Is Now Open

It could be said that most new plugins are birthed with a foot in the grave. After one or two quality plugins have become widely adopted in a particular niche, it is difficult for others to survive in that space. After reading a recent blog post about Why New Plugins Fail and seeing that people sincerely want to … Read more

Two Significant Challenges Facing Website Owners in 2018

Whether you are looking to launch a website, revamp an existing one, or don’t yet have plans to touch your website this year, there are a few recent developments you should consider. Flagging of Non-SSL Web Pages ⚠️ Google and others are getting even more serious about how we secure the world wide web. Starting in … Read more