How to Present Radio Fields & Checkboxes As Buttons in Gravity Forms

When building a form, it is important to minimize friction for the end-user. Visual design elements are an important consideration toward this end. This brief tutorial will walk you through styling Gravity Form radio fields and checkboxes in order to present a clean user interface on your form. Step 1: Set Field Class Step 2: … Read more

How to Control Your WordPress Admin Email Verification Notice

If you oversee a network of WordPress sites, you should take note of the admin email verification introduced in WordPress 5.3. How does it work and how can we customize it for our specific needs? We’ll take a look in this post. You’ll now be periodically asked to confirm that your admin email address is … Read more

Show Field(s) Across Multiple Pages of Gravity Form

In this post we will learn how to persist fields across all pages of a multi-page Gravity Form. By adding special classes, we will allow our selected field(s) to be pinned to the form by either prepending or appending them to the other fields presented on each page. I first created this snippet in order … Read more

Capture Post Content in a Gravity Form Field

In this post we will learn how to grab a portion of the content from a WordPress post containing a Gravity Form and send it into a field of that form, so that this content can be recorded with the submission and repurposed for confirmations, notifications, and any generated PDFs. Step 1: Add a Receiving … Read more

Branding My MainWP Dashboard

Please note that Branding My MainWP Dashboard is no longer available as its own plugin. The features previously available here have been wrapped into the plugin available at MainWP v4 introduces a brand new user experience. The interface they’ve built for managing your network of sites gets two thumbs up from me. Even so, … Read more

My MainWP Code Snippet Library

There are oftentimes bits of information I’d like to know about the sites in my MainWP network. MainWP Code Snippets gives me quick access to view or update this info.