Monthly Client Reports Are Here!

As I grow this business, I am constantly on the lookout for quality tools that will assist me in effectively and efficiently carrying out my regular tasks. I’ve also begun to learn that if something can be repeated, it can be automated. This is why I created an invoicing tool that is set to integrate with … Read more

How to Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

As we’ve seen, keyboard shortcuts can drastically improve the efficiency of your work. So, how do we go about becoming such a master? There are two key steps to adopting a new habit – knowing and doing. These are the two steps you can take toward integrating keyboard shortcuts in your day-to-day. With a mind … Read more

Why Learn Keyboard Shortcuts?

Keyboard Shortcut • A combination of keystrokes used to accomplish a task that would otherwise require multiple mouse actions. I’ve always been a big fan of using keyboard shortcuts on my computer. To many, it may seem such a trivial skill; yet, it can have a profound impact on how you work and offer a significant … Read more

Basics of Using Video Chat

Oftentimes, we need to connect via the web and hold meetings online. I have found to be the best way to connect individuals in this way as it doesn’t require downloading of special software, setting up an account, or remembering passwords. In order to connect with others, you need only visit the same website … Read more


Some weeks (or months) ago now, I went live with Typewheel. My hope is that this may serve as a space to highlight WordPress services I offer and share insights into how we can best steward our stories online – what tools are available and how can we best harness them? It has yet to serve much purpose. It’s … Read more

Photographer: Silja Carruthers and David Thompson CC BY: Museum Victoria Link:

What’s in a Name?

The type wheel served as a go-between in early models of the typewriter. It is the part that responds to keystrokes, translating them into actual printed characters. When a typewriter key is tapped, the typewheel spins into action, positioning itself so that it might properly make a mark on paper. This is the same purpose I hope to serve through Typewheel…

Hello World

Hello, world! I am finally putting my design and web development skills toward the possibility of profitability. For nearly 20 years I have been hacking together websites with little more than a text editor and a browser. Over the past four years I have accustomed myself to a myriad of new things – local development, server management, jQuery, Ajax, version control, etc. I have dug into WordPress and have loitered…