Designing, developing and maintaining your digital space.

My name is Joshua Vandercar.

Typewheel is the public face of my services. I am the personal face. My wife, four children and I reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana where we aim to contribute good to the world. I enjoy making things both functional and beautiful. I am a man of faith, music, coffee, reading, nature, code, and good times with good friends. Find me online at @uamv, read our family blog, or connect with Typewheel on Twitter or Facebook.

Getting Started

I expect you have much to do each day. My goal with Typewheel is to provide personalized professional services to meet your digital needs. I do my work, so you are freed to do yours. Focusing on essentials, I aim for simplicity. For a monthly fee (that is often less than the cost of a cell phone bill), I will build, host, maintain, secure, and optimize your website. Ready to begin?


Through a friendly conversation, we discuss your needs and determine a way forward.


Seeing that your expectations align with my services, I provide a proposal and contract.


Next, we work to design, develop, and deploy a site that serves your needs.


Then, we ensure it is maintained with quality, performance, and security in mind.

Your knowledge, warmth and insight for the countless decisions we faced helped us navigate the creation of our new website with confidence and excitement. We’ve learned so much from you. Each member of our team appreciates who you are and how you work. — Brenda Jank (Founder, Run Hard. Rest Well.)