Typewheel provides personalized WordPress services to get your story online.

Whether you are an artist, a blogger, a non-profit, or a small business owner, Typewheel can design, develop, deploy, and maintain your WordPress site.


Hello! My name is Joshua Vandercar.

Typewheel is the public face of my web design & development services. I am the personal face. My wife, daughter, two sons and I reside in Fort Wayne, Indiana where we aim to contribute good to the world. I enjoy making things both functional and beautiful. I am a man of faith, music, coffee, reading, nature, code, and good times with good friends. You can find me online at @uamv. You can also connect with Typewheel on Twitter or Facebook.



Consistent brand gives distinctive & authoritative voice to your story and is vital to the development of a cohesive site to carry that story. Services include logo creation, brand style guides, social media image templates, letterhead, and WordPress theming.


A book is only as solid as its binding. Typewheel strives to create sites which adhere to WordPress development standards. With this foundation, you can expect to receive an accessible, portable, and secure site.


A written story is not meant to remain untold. After developing and staging your site, Typewheel can help your site go live and stay live. Consider adding cost-effective managed hosting services to your package.


An effective telling of your story requires an understanding of the culture and context from which and into which you speak. Typewheel follows WordPress trends and can keep your site up-to-date via regular updates to site components.




Pricing for projects and optional ongoing web site support is determined by the size of the project.

For more info, send a quick message and let us know how we can provide for your online marketing and storytelling needs.