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I have come to greatly appreciate the MainWP Code Snippet extension. Whether I’m running maintenance tasks or auditing the security of sites, there are oftentimes bits of information I’d like to know about the sites in my network. This tool can give me quick access to view or update this info. I’ve begun collecting the snippets I use here on Github. See below for the informative output these snippets provide.

Admin Email

Retrieve the admin email and show any pending changes.

Check WPTC Staging & WP Merge Recording

For those running WP Time Capsule and WP Merge, check (1) if WP Time Capsule is active, (2) if WPTC has staged a site, (3) if WP Merge is active, (4) if WP Merge is recording changes, (5) the dev site within which changes are being recorded, and (6) the number of changes that have been recorded.

Gravity Forms Feeds & Entries Overview

For those running Gravity Forms, this (1) checks if Gravity Forms is active, (2) lists each Gravity Form and shows (a) if the forms is active, inactive, or trashed, (b) total number of entries for the form by status (read, unread, spam, trash), and (c) all active and inactive feeds associated with the form.

Get (and Set) MainWP Child Report Period

Check or set the MainWP child reporting period.

Search Engine Visibility

Check whether search engines are discouraged from indexing the site.

User Registration Status

Check (1) whether default membership channel is open or closed on the site and (2) the default role for new users.

Refined reporting for MainWP