Basics of Using Video Chat


Oftentimes, we need to connect via the web and hold meetings online. I have found to be the best way to connect individuals in this way as it doesn’t require downloading of special software, setting up an account, or remembering passwords. In order to connect with others, you need only visit the same website address. If you are concerned about security, you can rest assured that is among the most secure video chat service available. This is from their site:

All communication between your browser and is transmitted over an encrypted connection (SSL). Video and audio transmitted in the service is sent directly between the participants in a room and is encrypted (SRTP) with client generated encryption keys. In some cases, due to NAT/firewall restrictions, the encrypted data content will be relayed through our server. We take pride in collecting and storing as little user data as possible in the service. We believe that these properties make one of the most secure and eavesdropping-resilient video conferencing services around.

The one thing it does require, however, is that you access the service from a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Opera). Here are some tips for video conferencing via

Preparing for the Video Chat

  • To fully participate, you will need a computer ? equipped with camera and mic.
  • Streaming will require use of the Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser (the technology utilized is not currently supported via IE or Safari). Download Chrome here. ⬇️
  • Upon first connecting, you will need to give the browser access ? to your microphone and camera.
  • Secure headphones or earbuds ? for use during the video chat.

During the Video Chat

  • When not speaking (and connected with multiple individuals), mute your microphone by hovering over your image and clicking the mic icon.
  • Enlarge ↗️ any video stream by hovering over it and double-clicking.
  • Leave a chat room by closing the browser tab or clicking Leave.
  • If a room has been locked, you will be prompted to knock. Someone present in the room will need to grant you access.
  • Access text chat via the chat bubble. This is useful for troubleshooting and sharing links.

Ensuring an Optimal Connection

  • Keep your software up-to-date. ⬆️
  • Always wear headphones or earbuds ? to eliminate audio feedback for other participants.
  • Select Video Quality: Low from the ⚙ Cam/Mic options.
  • ❌ Close all browser windows and tabs that are not in use to increase bandwidth availability.
  • ❌ Shut down other browsers, programs, and background processes that might be using the internet.
  • If a connection is still bad, you could go audio-only. Disable your camera ⛔️ by hovering over your image and clicking the camera icon.


  • If you encounter issues, try refreshing the webpage or restarting your browser.
  • Check that proper Camera, Microphone, and Sound Output are selected in the ⚙ Cam/Mic options.
  • Check that the system audio on your computer is not muted.
  • Check that the input for your system mic is enabled.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Try a different computer.

One of the best things you can do to prepare for an online video chat is to familiarize yourself with the tool itself. Create a chat room at and poke around a bit.