Hello World


Hello, world! I am finally putting my design and web development skills toward the possibility of profitability. For nearly 20 years I have been hacking together websites with little more than a text editor and a browser. Over the past four years I have accustomed myself to a myriad of new things – local development, server management, jQuery, Ajax, version control, etc. I have dug into WordPress and have loitered at the fringes of the wonderfully diverse, skilled, and generous community of WordPress developers, designers, and users. I have devoted so much time into designing and coding sites and processes that gather dust. I have configured and re-configured both the Prayer League site and my own personal blog with tools that seemed to be a good idea, then proved to be inadequate. I have come to learn that investment in a quality product is key. Paying for the license of a premium plugin or theme is often worth the cost. I’ve settled on tools that most often align with WordPress standards and they serve me well.

It’s time to make these lessons work for the good of others – maybe for the good of you. If you are in need of a designer or developer for your next project, I would be happy to connect with you. If you know of someone who might be looking to start their own project online, mention me. Finally, if you’re interested in tips that might improve you as a storyteller online, subscribe to this blog today or follow along @typewxyz on Twitter.