Some weeks (or months) ago now, I went live with Typewheel. My hope is that this may serve as a space to highlight WordPress services I offer and share insights into how we can best steward our stories online – what tools are available and how can we best harness them? It has yet to serve much purpose.

It’s entered my mind now and then to get back to it – to share something here. Whether there is any audience reading this or not, the ambition exists. It’s not always wise to act on ambition, but sometimes you just have jump, trust, and explore. I think I’m at that point. I have heard it again and again and again … just start. Even this morning, I received a newsletter from John T. Meyer with some ramblings on how “showing up is the hardest part.” When looking to create something, get out of the way of yourself and make it happen. Even as I write this, thoughts are popping into my head – vying for my time and attention. Get out of the way of yourself and go. And so, here I am, writing – trying not to stop.

I’ve yet to determine how best I should target these efforts. I want to blog and put something out there that could benefit someone in some way. Yet, how does this shape itself? Should I be writing pieces for the novice web user, for the seasoned netizens, or for the fellow WordPress developer? I may have something to offer to each. I’ve also been wrestling to determine whether I ought to nail down a niche for those from whom I might take on work. I mentioned the following  in a conversation I had a Twitter a few weeks back when asked about my ideal client.

Newborn non-profits would probably top the list. I like to the see and encourage the passion that such folks have for realizing change. There is something so purposeful in these underground movements. Unfortunately, it can be difficult either to get folks to grasp the value in digital presence and resources or folks in such a position don’t have the money to put toward such online ventures.

I think it could also be fun to work with independent creatives – authors, artists, musicians. They’ve often got such a unique message. To help give voice to that would be great.

Anyway, here is me starting. Next up … something more.

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Posted by Joshua Vandercar

I enjoy making things both functional and beautiful. Faith. Family. Writing. Music. Code.