How much is your time worth? In addition to providing you affordable access to premium WordPress integrations, Typewheel offers you personalized WordPress expertise and experience to keep your site updated, optimized, and secure. Let us help keep your site as a functional and relevant first impression and front door for your organization, business, or project.

Without regular and proper maintenance, a building will fall into disrepair, become more susceptible to invasion, and eventually fail to serve the purpose for which it was built. The same is true of an online property. Typewheel would like to partner with you to ensure your site is built and maintained with quality, performance, and security in mind. When you opt for the Typewheel Partner Package, you will be given a new responsive website which includes ongoing hosting and maintenance services for your new property. Here is what you’ll get…


Together, we will determine your specific needs and plan for the development of your new site or a refresh of your existing site. Depending on needs and expectations, the new site can be live in as short as two weeks.

General Maintenance

We will maintain the existing design and development of your online property and deliver you a monthly overview of certain activity for your site. If tasks fall outside the realm of general maintenance and upkeep of the existing site, they will not be covered under this package. Services not covered by the package must be submitted separately and will be billable at an agreed upon hourly rate or priced as a stand-alone project.


We will provide and manage hosting services as a SiteGround reseller or as shared hosting on a Digital Ocean VPS.

  • shared hosting
  • annual renewal of domain registration (up to $30 per year)
  • DNS management


We will regularly back-up the properties under contract.

  • daily database backup
  • weekly backup of other files and assets


We will regularly update the properties under contract.

  • weekly update to installed plugins and themes
  • update WordPress within three days of any new release


We will run a basic monthly security scan of your site.

  • SSL certificate for your domain via LetsEncrypt
  • site configured ensuring heightened security

Premium Plugins & Themes

In order to provide a quality online property with an effective user experience and minimal maintenance demands, we may, pending your approval, make use of premium third-party services. While under contract, we grant use of our licenses for these services. When the contract is terminated or expires, we will withdraw your right to use of our license keys for these services.

We will grant use of our license keys for the following premium plugins and themes:

Basic Content Management

Support services include a degree of basic content management. On a per request basis, we will perform small tweaks to the page content of your site.

Basic SEO

We develop sites with SEO in mind. Every site is deployed with basic SEO tools in place.


We will recommend and support use of G Suite or Office 365 as an email service. Monthly subscription charges for this service will not be covered under this package. Non-profits can generally apply to use these services for free.

We will work to support other email service, but will not guarantee uptime or quality of these other services (including those provided by SiteGround).


Get your website online for less than the cost of your monthly cell phone bill!

Total ??? Starting at $900/yr
Going It Alone Partner Package
⚠️ 💥 😰 🚨 🎯 💯 📈 ❤️ 🙂
New Responsive Website $1000 ⬆️
Shared Hosting $120
SSL Certificate $50
Domain Registration $30
Premium Theme $50
Gravity Forms $39
BackUpWordPress Remotely $29
Post Promoter Pro $59
Gravity Perks $59
FacetWP $79
Enhanced Media Library Pro $25
Lara Google Analytics Pro $10
Updates, Security, & Optimization
Basic Content Management
Basic SEO
Dedicated Site Support
Additional Support $50 ⬆️ /hr ❇️ Save 10%

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll explore the possibilities together.


In order to maintain quality support and a high standard of service, we must be able to stand behind the products, tools, and services integrated with your site. Thus, eligibility for partnership is contingent upon use of only those tools and services recommended or approved by Typewheel. Any extraordinary maintenance and support resulting from the use of non-approved tools and services will not be covered. Instead, it must be submitted separately and will be billable at an agreed upon hourly rate or priced as a stand-alone project.