Typewheel Digital Care Services

Basic Care Includes…

Site files and database backed up daily and accessible up to three months

Plugins, themes, and WordPress core is updated in a timely manner following any release.

Publisher Additionally Includes…

WordPress Website
Together, we will determine your specific needs and plan for development of your new site.

Website Hosting
Sites are hosted on a secure Digital Ocean VPS maintained by Pinnacle Technology Solutions.

Domain Services
Service includes single domain name registration and management. (up to $20/year)

SSL Certificate
All sites are secured with an SSL certificate issued by LetsEncrypt.

Security Services
Protections include regular scans to check for unauthorized file changes and malware.

Two-Factor Authentication
In addition to username/password, opt to use email or a 2FA application to verify your identity.

Google Analytics
Monitor site traffic and visitor stats directly from your website’s dashboard.

User Engagement
Basic contact forms or complex applications allow users to connect with you.

Publisher Plus Additionally Includes…

Content Management
Send the content our way. We’ll proof and publish to your site.

Service Requests
Need minor site tweaks? With access to on-site commenting, support requests are made simple.