The Contributor List & WordPress Moments

Twitter offers a unique peek into both the personal and professional lives of those we follow. As a one-line core contributor myself and living on the fringes of the WordPress space, I have this regular desire to survey the WP landscape and consider how and when I might next offer some good. The WordPress Credits list was crafted to obtain just such a peek. The list includes 66% of WP project leads, contributing developers, and core contributors since version 4.0 (it seems the other 34% may not have Twitter accounts) and has served me in a few significant ways. This list has (1) put a more personal face to the WordPress space, (2) informed me of both central and fringe WP happenings, and (3) been a catalyst for my further engagement in the community. It could be that you will benefit in similar ways. Thus, I have gone public with the list and will begin periodically curating Tweets from this list into Twitter Moments (like the one seen below). You can catch these WordPress Moments in one of three ways: