Suppressing the Gutenberg Teaser


The WordPress 4.9.5 maintenance release is scheduled for April 3. One noteworthy addition not mentioned among these other changes is that a Gutenberg teaser will be presented to site administrators on their dashboard. It will look something like this…


Edit: This callout is being punted to WP 4.9.6.

Edit: This callout is being punted to WP 4.9.7.


Let’s get more users to try Gutenberg


While I am pleased to see Gutenberg forge ahead and introduced to a wider audience (in fact, this post is being composed in Gutenberg), I’m not yet ready to support my clients as they may unwittingly move from one editing experience to another. Oh, the change!



If you’re also not yet ready to push your clients this direction, there is a way to ensure users are not presented with this invitation.


The following code snippet disables the Gutenberg teaser. Many thanks to Andy Towler at ZigPress for pointing this out to me!



Some in the MainWP community asked for a tutorial on how to go about pushing this code to their child sites. Here’s a quick walk-through on how to use the gist above and the Code Snippets extension to hide the Gutenberg teaser on all your sites.


The Steps


  1. Install Code Snippets on your MainWP dashboard.
  2. Go to the Code Snippets extension page.
  3. Add snippet title and optional description.
  4. Select the option “This Code Snippet executes a function on the Child Site.”
  5. Copy/paste this gist to the code editor.
  6. Select the sites on which you’d like to run this code.
  7. Click Save Snippet.
  8. Understand that “MainWP is not responsible for the code that you run on your sites” (nor am I)
  9. Click Run Snippet.
  10. Rest in the knowledge that you won’t yet be surprising your clients with the ways of Gutenberg.


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