Goodbye, Todoist. Hello, TickTick.

One Year With TickTick

One year ago, after being a satisfied Todoist user for over four years, I made the difficult decision to switch to a new project/task management system.

TickTick has more comprehensive features on their free plan, and provides a cleaner, more intuitive, and more versatile environment for managing projects, tasks, and subtasks. Thankfully, I was able to import my ~1000 tasks without much issue.

With habit tracking, pomodoro focus mode, calendar, kanban view, project folders, smart lists, file uploads, and highly customizable recurring tasks, TickTick has fundamentally changed the way I tackle my tasks each day.

At the time of this writing, I think the biggest limitation of TickTick has to do with collaboration and integration. The API is not yet quite as developed as that of Todoist. Commenting, notifications, and specific activity tracking on a task is somewhat limited. I have also noted a bit of a performance issue with the app on my older iPhone.

I’m one year in and pleased. If you are looking for a task management app or have considered replacing your current tool, I recommend giving TickTick a go. It’s a hidden gem among the myriad of productivity tools out there.