Is Your Data Secure? Chrome Helps You Know.


Attention users of the internet! Starting today, July 24, 2018, Google is taking one more noticeable step toward ensuring your security online. With Chrome (version 68), HTTP sites will now be flagged as not secure.

The Secure Web

HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) has long been the standard in transmitting data online. However, HTTPS (i.e. HTTP – secure) has been gradually taking over the web.

This move toward a more widely secured web allows users of the internet to utilize day-to-day tools with greater confidence. When you visit a site with HTTPS security, you can be assured that you are communicating with the intended site. When you fill and submit a form on a secure site, you can be confident that the information you send is encrypted (i.e. coded as a secret message that only that site can decode).

If you own a web site, enabling HTTPS on your site allows you to present your services in a responsible and reputable way, showing users that you care. Search engines have also begun giving preference in their results to secure sites. They just make sense.

As we become more and more dependent on digital tools in our day-to-day lives, we ought to be confident in the dependability and security of those tools. HTTPS gives us that confidence. HTTPS is the new standard. With the proliferation of HTTPS and our wider adoption of digital tools, we may want to assume our data is always secure. It is not. You will encounter unsecured sites daily. This small tweak to your Chrome browser is simply a more prominent notice to you that your data is not secured as it should be.

Your Part in Staying Secure

Here are two things you can do as an internet user to ensure your security online.

  • When in your Chrome browser, visit this page and ensure your Chrome updates have been installed. This Not Secure notice will be introduced in Chrome 68.
  • If you regularly visit a site that is being served via HTTP, contact the site owner and request that they consider switching to HTTPS.

If you keep a web site and have not yet switched to HTTPS, please consider doing so. Many quality web hosts have begun freely issuing certificates to get your site secured. It may be as simple as flipping a switch.

Have Questions? Need Help?

If you’d like someone to come alongside you and help secure your site, I’d be happy to begin a conversation. Typewheel is here to help you start something good.